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segunda-feira, 22 de abril de 2013

Partholon - P.C. CAST (English)

01 - Divine by Mistake

Waking up in another world Shannon Parker discovers she has swapped places with Partholon’s high-priestess and is revered as a Goddess by all. While she can’t believe her luck – who doesn’t like to have wall to wall wardrobes of made-to-measure silk dresses and wine on tap, not to mention the personal Spa and handmaidens – being Partholon’s high-priestess is far from easy. 
On her first day in Partholon Shannon is expected to be married to High Shaman, ClanFintan, a centaur who has no idea of her real identity. Then there is the threat of Fomorian war on the horizon, and as the high-priestess of a warrior Goddess, Shannon must lead the people of Partholon into battle. Nothing a feisty high-school teacher can’t handle-right?

02 - Divine by Choice

 Just when she’d got use to being treated as a Goddess, quaffing red wine with foot rubs on tap, Shannon is sucked back to earth where, frankly, she’d rather not be. Back in Partholon she was treated like a movie star, happily married to ClanFintan, her hunky centaur husband, and decidedly pregnant with their child.
Trying to get back to Partholon through the divide, Shannon realises an evil force has followed her and is threatening to destroy all she holds dear in her old world. With the help of an ancient power hidden in the forests of the Oklahoma wilds, Shannon must do battle with her most dangerous nemesis yet-but not until she’s explained to her father exactly where she’s been for the last six months. 

03 - Divine by Blood

Morrigan Parker knew she wasn’t like the other girls in her class. First there were the voices she heard on the wind and then there was the way she could make her skin glow with light – which was pretty cool. A trip with her friends to a local cave system unlocks an ancient power within Morrigan and she is sucked through a secret divide into the world of Partholon. 
Discovering that her mother was chosen of the Goddess Epona and hearing whispers that she wields the same power, Morrigan sets out to become the most powerful priestess that Partholon has ever seen. But is it her destiny to become High-Priestess or will she be seduced by the same dark powers that plagued her mother’s life? With no friends except her pet Lynx Brina, Morrigan must face her destiny as the Goddess’s chosen. 

04- Divine Beginnings

Something isn't right at Guardian Castle, and Aine can't figure out what. As Healer, she's supposed to be making things better, but there's a darkness that can't be brightened. And then Aine finds an injured Fomorian--winged, dark, blood-thirsty and inherently evil. Or is he? Because there's something about Tegan that Aine can't resist...and once they've shared blood, Aine realizes that everything she's always believed is going to be cast aside....

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